A Better Barbecue

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Enjoy a rich and delicious flavor of summer barbecue and stick to a healthy way of eating.

Be well prepared for a fantastic barbecue adventure, and this year make it better than ever. Fresh, good ingredients from a local supermarket are needed for a great party. Get a grill ready, it can be a gas or charcoal grill, and create an incredible experience of grilling outdoors. Choose the right lean meat such as chicken, lamb, veal, turkey, ground turkey for hamburgers, sausages, and spicy sausages.

Barbecue recommends a mix of a basic marinade with lean cuts of chicken or other meats. Whip up a simple marinade with an apple cider, lots of raw onions, spices like rosemary, salt, pepper, and leave it for 1-2 hours. It will make the meat spicy and juicy. There are so many barbecue sauces to choose from. Some of them are Original BBQ sauce, Spicy Original BBQ sauce, etc.

Grill fish and vegetables in foil with spices, herbs, and seasoning; cook it evenly.  Put vegetables of different colors in foil for a beautiful presentation. On a plate, use yellow, green, red peppers, tomatoes, onions, zucchini and of course, pickled vegetables. For side dishes, dill pickles, cucumbers in brine, dill and garlic pickles, marinated mix mushrooms etc.

 A salad of mixed greens can add even more colors to your feast.

My healthy choice of eating at a barbecue party is lots of grilled and pickled veggies with a savory, tender fish or lamb and hot sauce. I use food combining approach, it allows to combine meat, fish, any protein with vegetables or a combination of rice, bread, any starch with vegetables. Proper food combining technique has been tested over time for its effectiveness. This particular method of eating enhances digestion and health naturally. It works well for me.

Most important ingredients are sunshine, vitality, food and you. It is a perfect way to recharge our batteries by taking pleasure in eating, talking, laughing and being in good spirits. Nothing brings people together like food, fire, and excellent barbecue.

Savor your summer barbecue party to the fullest.

Leona S.

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