About NetCost Market

“We are very much the Costco of the ethnic Eastern European market”

Edward Shnayder CEO of NetCost Market®

Our Dream

The American Dream is not just what the Founding Fathers had in their mind when they began to erect this great country’s foundations. It has also been what every immigrant and every citizen has had in their minds when they lived and worked in this country, enjoying freedom and prosperity. At NetCost Market®, we strive to embody that dream and bring our communities, our employees and associates, and our business partners and suppliers our little contribution to that freedom of choice and that prosperity of both spirit and body.


A little history…

The NetCost Market® was founded in the small Russian Bensonhurst Community of Brooklyn, New York, in 1991. Sam Shnayder and his family had the desire to help create a melting pot of Russian immigrant culture combined with American quality goods. We began with the simple goal of offering quality traditional Eastern European food with exotic choices at an affordable price. We began by providing for the needs of Russian and Eastern European immigrants, whether they were celebrating Easter and Christmas or simply cooking to keep the family together.

Since then, we have expanded into stores, warehouses and restaurants. Since 2007, three new NetCost Market®s opened its operation in Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens. The NetCost Market® brand is quickly becoming a well known neighborhood supermarket that delivers quality products. We offer a large assortment of over 45,000 items that includes exotic Eastern European specialty items such as Black and Red Caviar, Cheeses, Meats, Fish, Dairy, and a large assortment of delicatessen and marinated goods from all over the world with an affordable price. We have made it our mission and based our success off of providing 20-30% cheaper items at ahigher quality to our satisfied customers than our competition.

All this would not have been possible if NetCost Market® did not control the full chain line of importing and delivery. The Wholesale division of NetCost Market® with a 70,000 square foot location in Staten Island, New York owns its own in-house kitchen facility. Our kitchens provide for the timely delivery of fresh produce by use of their own fleet of trucks. We extend our reach to many European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, and Greece, as well as Eastern European states such as Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia and Latvia. In addition, as customers demand Asian products, NetCost imports a large selection of herbs, spices and other high quality brands from India, China and Vietnam.

NetCost Market® is proud to be the largest direct importer and distributer of Caviar in the United States with the highest standards of quality. “We are very much the Costco of the ethnic Eastern European market,” Edward Shnayder CEO of NetCost Market® said in one of his interviews for the American media. The NetCost Market® mission is to continue to be the leading Eastern European premium wholesale food retailer, with a reputation for high quality products with excellent service.



NetCost Market® employs over 650 people from diverse nationalities, operates in over 175,000 square feet of space and processes over 280,000 transactions for American families monthly. Besides delivering great products, NetCost Market® works closely with local community where it is based. We believe that giving back to community is our duty, and it brings us closer to living in a multicultural and diverse bread basket. The charitable organizations that we work with include the American Brotherhood for Disabled and Elderly People (ABRUD), the NY Association of Holocaust Survivors, the Russian American Foundation, the Russian American Officers Association, and the Staten Island Community Center.

Our plan for the NetCost Market® is to further expand in the United States, with a 33,000 square foot NetCost Plaza supermarket in Marlboro New Jersey and new locations in Rego Park, Queens; Sunny Isles, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts; and Chicago, Illinois. In line with this plan, we will expand our warehouse production facility in New Jersey to service the south and western locations. We want to bring a NetCost Market as close to your door as possible.

Even as twenty-two years have passed and we have welcomed a generation of new members into our family, we still strive with all of our efforts to bring the American dream (with a Russian flair) to your home.