All You Need for a Hideously Haunted Halloween!

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Halloween has crept up on us so fast! It feels like just one second ago that the team at NetCost Market were getting excited about the 1st of October and the start of the Fall season! If like us you have dedicated most of your time to think about what to wear this Halloween, then we are guessing that also like us, you may have forgotten to consider the rest of the party requirements… the treats! Don’t worry! We are here to help! Head down to your local NetCost Market store and you will find all of the essential Halloween party food items you need to make your party a success. Consider this post your All Hallows Eve essential shopping list, read on for our three essential items…


No Halloween party is complete without a traditional game of apple bobbing. If you don’t know what that is then you must have been living in a coffin your whole life! Fill up a container with some fresh, crisp apples and loads of water and take turns to try and catch one using only your mouth. It’s fun for kids and grownups alike. People aren’t really that sure where this tradition came from, but it is said that the folks over in the UK used to use it as a way to tell the future. Maybe they did… but we just like apples!  Another fun thing to do is to make candy apples! If you’re a bit of a whizz in the kitchen, why not make traditional caramel apples? If that’s so last Halloween, then go the extra mile by dipping them in a bacon pretzel crumb combination to add a savory edge. For a quick and easy trick that is equally impressive, dip apples in melted white chocolate stick on some candies for eyes and have some spooky ghost apples! NetCost Market stocks a variety of apples so whether you like them crunchy or soft, sweet or sour, you’ll find the perfect type for you.


Pumpkins are symbolic of Halloween around the globe. There is a whole world of fun to be had carving scary faces into these guys. Pick up your pumpkins in the days before your Halloween party and have a fun-filled afternoon with the family creating ghoulish carvings that will add atmosphere to your party once a candle is inserted! Don’t throw away those insides either! Separate the stringy bits from the seeds, pop the fleshy bit into a pot along with some onions, carrots, and celery and create a delicious vegetable stock. As for the seeds, rinse and pat dry before lightly coating in olive oil, salt, and pepper and oven roast for a nutritious snack! After Halloween has passed, wash those pumpkins up and oven roast them before blitzing them into a delicious spicy soup. After all the candy treats, you’ll be ready for a hearty and healthy pumpkin soup.


If you’re a regular shopper at NetCost Market, then you already know that we have an extensive range of candies and chocolates. Not only do we stock your favorite American treats but we also stock some of the best candies from Eastern Europe! Add some Milk Capri, Fudgenta, or some pieces of Milky Splash Toffee to your goodie bags this year and watch as your friends and neighbors soon start asking where you got these tasty treats from! Our candy section is unlike any other, come on in and check it out but make sure you pack a bag just for you or you’ll regret it!


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