Be Food Savvy

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Become 100 percent committed to finding the most beneficial food for your health.

Some foods can trigger allergies other foods can heal. Focus on the food that nourishes, nurtures and heals.

Create a clean food plan that helps prevent any discomfort and makes you feel healthy. When it comes to food  –  be food savvy, eat clean. Eating clean is a simple concept that revolves around eating whole food nutrition, minimize processed and refined foods. The ultimate goal is to choose whole, preferably organic fruits, vegetables, grass-fed meat, wild-caught fish and healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocado, and coconut.

Organic foods have little or no chemicals. Choose higher quality food as possible. The food you eat should make you feel satisfied and energized. Eat what’s right for you, go organic and natural if you wish.  Natural products promote health and wellness. Organic produce simply tastes better. You need a spectrum of nutrients and vitamins to feed the body well. When you care about your health, eating clean becomes a way of life and assists you with overall vitality.

Instead of wasting time reading food labels start eating real food. Eat more food that nature produces. Fresh is best for getting natural digestives and enzymes to speed metabolism and promote overall health. Check out an organic section at a supermarket and see for yourself. Develop savvy shopping strategies. Whether you purchase food for home preparation or eat out, make sure you get the most beneficial food you can find. Take interest in eating clean. Make your eating habit organic. Experiment and find your way of buying food for optimum health. When you eat clean and organic , it feels awesome. I always try to find a happy place when choosing between foods labeled “clean,” “natural”  and “organic.” Stick to lean meats, fish, eggs, whole grains, lots of dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, etc. It will give the body natural nutrients.  

Eat a well-balanced diet rich in whole, unprocessed, nutritious, delicious foods and fiber. Drink plenty of water. Create a condition for radiant health.

Select food based on how it nourishes, nurtures and heals every cell in the body. Choosing healthy foods is the greatest investment that you can make in yourself and your future health. Keep the main focus on your precious well-being.

Discover a completely new approach to healthy living, the healing power of knowing what to eat. Look for natural and organic.

Be proactive about your health and take loving care of yourself.

When you feed yourself with the most beneficial foods (healing foods) and exercise your body regularly. It becomes a passion project. Your passion project for life which will motivate, support and excite you. Eat well, know your fitness level and stand for it.

Leona S.

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