Happy Pi Day – Get Inspired to Try Our Favorite European Pie Recipes!

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March 14th is National Pi Day! Today we celebrate everything related to the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet and the mathematical constant 3.14159265359… (and so on)! Unfortunately, here at Netcost Market, we’re not expert mathematicians, but we do know a thing or two about pies! This is why we’re...
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Winter Spices

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Winter is a time when we love to indulge in warming comfort foods that bring some enjoyment to the short bleak days and long cold nights. The lack of fresh produce in these months is made up by the rich, filling and warming fragrance created by a selection of...
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Be Food Savvy

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Become 100 percent committed to finding the most beneficial food for your health. Some foods can trigger allergies other foods can heal. Focus on the food that nourishes, nurtures and heals. Create a clean food plan that helps prevent any discomfort and makes you feel healthy. When it comes to food  –  be...
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Hanukkah at NetCost Market

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Hanukkah is the Jewish festival that celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem in a victory over the Syrian-Greeks in 165 BCE. It is celebrated for eight days and nights and includes a wide range of food fried in oil that results in a rich, indulgent feast....
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Coffee For Coffee Lovers

Coffee comes from roasted coffee beans, which are the berries of the Coffea plant. Originating in East Africa, coffee growing has made a home for itself around the world, particularly in the tropics of South America, South East Asia, and India. The two most commonly grown beans are Arabica,...
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