Valentine’s Day Chocolates

February is upon us and so it’s time to turn our attention to Valentine’s Day! Valentine ’s Day marks the festival of St. Valentine, when people around the world celebrate their love for each other, traditionally by exchanging flowers, Valentine’s Day cards, and of course, lots and lots of...
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Grocery Shopping Hacks

Grocery shopping is something we all need to contend with, many people even dread that weekly or bi-weekly shopping trip. Sometimes when it’s busy our experience can be rather more stressful, putting us off what could and should be an enjoyable event. This month we’re talking about how to...
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The Foods of Love

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Valentine’s Day is a day of joy and romance. Each year on February 14th we look forward to such a wonderful day of the year. We exchange gifts, cards, flowers, cookies and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. This is a special time for celebrating a personal communication between people, all...
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Tefteli – Russian Meatballs

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Winter is a beautiful season, crisp mornings with blue skies, perhaps if we’re lucky a little snow but the best thing by far has to be the food. The smell of some fresh, homemade and hot food greeting you as you walk through the front door on a cold...
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Winter Beverages

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Food and beverages are undeniably a center point for what we pin our daily lives around. Whether we’re talking about your daily commute to work, or a catch up with a friend, more often than not it’s going to include grabbing a bite to eat or a drink. As...
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Wholesale Holiday Shopping For Corporate Accounts – Corporate Clients Service

At Netcost Market, we provide corporate client services that allow you to take advantage of our fantastic products and expertise, all at a reduced cost. If you already hold a corporate account, then you know that Netcost Market strives to meet all your needs in the most effective and...
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Russian New Year’s Traditions

New Year celebrations around the world are a time of new beginnings and looking forward to a hopefully prosperous year ahead. Russia is no exception, with millions of people valuing the New Year celebrations even more than Christmas celebrations. Today we will be giving you the low-down on some...
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