At NetCost Market®, we have embraced many cultural foods from Eastern Europe as well as our Asian neighbors of Japan. Living in a multicultural bread basket, we all enjoy the wonderful taste of Japanese sushi. NetCost Market® has made it a goal to exceed the standards of supermarket sushi and instead offer combinations of rice, fish, avocado, vinegar, and other premium ingredients that will transport your mouth and mind to Kyoto.  Just like our Eastern European chefs prepare daily homemade food for your table, NetCost Market® also has highly trained Japanese chefs preparing your favorite sushi.  Whether you crave for an Alaskan Roll, Dragon Roll or Salmon Sashimi, our chefs can provide you with sushi that has been made freshly with our premium seafood products.

At NetCost Market®, we have a preset menu of our best house rolls that is made fresh every hour, so that you never have to worry that you are eating anything but the purest sushi. You may also make your own custom order while you shop, and be confident that you will receive a roll that has been made exclusively for you and your palate, not waiting under heat lamps or in an open-air refrigerator.  Just like any of New York’s fine sushi restaurants, we make most rolls, sashimi and sushi ready for you at your convenience.

We at NetCost Market® proudly say, “また近いうちに (Mata chikai uchi ni)”, or “See you soon”!