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Fruit juices have been a staple part of the American diet for decades, and they are an important way for you to get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals from a tasty and readily available source. Most households stock the usual selection of orange, apple and cranberry juice, all of which taste delicious. Yet in recent years America’s love affair with orange juice has been on the wane, with average consumption in decline since 1994! We think it’s time for you to explore the juice aisle and so do nutritionists! For maximum health benefits, nutritionists recommend varying the sources from which we get our vitamins, so it’s time to branch out and explore the extensive array of US made and imported fruit juices at Netcost Market. Here are some ideas to broaden your fruit juice horizons!

Try something new

Ever tried rosehip, rose petal, sea-buckthorn or cornelian cherry juice? Noyan Premium is the perfect brand to help introduce you to a plethora of new flavors. This European based company specializes in fresh exotic fruit juices and has been growing since it started in 1998. Come in store and check out the remarkable range of juices that Noyan Premium offer. We guarantee you will find something that will really stimulate your taste buds!

Swap soda for fruit juice

As a country, the USA consumes more soda-pop than any other in the world! Naturally, this is having negative implications on people’s health and problems such as diabetes, obesity and tooth decay are on the increase. As an alternative, why not try mixing an exotic fruit juice with some soda water to make your very own healthier, homemade soda-pop! Vita Juice pomegranate juice is perfect for this, as it is sweet, exotic, and full of vitamins C and K!

Fruit juices cocktails

Shake up your cocktails

In preparation for the Summer, it’s a good idea to brush up on your cocktail skills. Experiment with interesting juices to really impress your friends and family. Try using Armenian peach juice to add a bit of Caribbean sun to your cocktails, or Florina tomato juice to make the perfect fresh bloody Mary! Netcost Market has all the juices to make your cocktail menu the pick of the bunch this coming summer!

Alcohol-free doesn’t need to be boring

If you’re hosting a dinner party or simply preparing a nice family meal, why not try swapping alcohol for fruit juice? This is a sure-fire way to get your energy levels up and make you feel on top of the world without incurring a hangover the next day. The benefits are clear, you can avoid harmful chemicals and feed your body extra energy boosting nutrients.

Freshen up your daily diet by adding in some vitamin rich juice! Netcost Market has all the flavors, offering an unbeatable range of the most exotic juices going, as well as a brilliant selection of the staple flavors such as orange, apple, cranberry and tomato. Come in store today, explore our selection and prepare to discover many new favorite flavors!

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