Round Off The Summer in Style: Labor Day Ideas To Make YOUR Party One To Remember!

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As the summer draws to a close, Labor Day is the last festive day before fall takes over and we head for another winter. Officially starting as a federal holiday in 1894, Labor Day honors the American labor movement’s contribution to the success and strength of the nation and the recognition of basic rights such as a five day work week and fair working hours. Like most celebrations, here in the USA we Americans love a good old barbeque to commemorate this day, especially as it’s one of the final times we get to fire up the grill before fall arrives! This year, Labor Day falls on Monday, September 3, and to make this year’s celebrations the best yet, here at NetCost Market we’ve got some great ideas that will get all of your friends and family in the mood for an all-American party!

The grill

The main event at any Labor Day celebration is what goes on the grill. Whether it’s simple classics like burgers and hotdogs, or more elaborate greats like some classic Texas-style smoked brisket, or some Kansas City style ribs, it’s good to get something going as soon as the party starts to get everyone’s appetite up and the conversation over the food flowing! NetCost Market offers great deals on classics such as hot dogs and burgers, but also has a huge selection of the best quality grilling meat around! Visit our meat counter and enquire with the trained and experienced butcher about which cut will best suit your party!

All about appetizers

But wait! What if people get hungry before the grill is done, which is especially likely if you’re cooking something low and slow?! Well, this is why it’s always essential to offer appetizers to get everyone’s appetite up to the next level. Try some traditional deviled eggs, some Greek salad skewers, or even a new favorite – bacon wrapped pickles! These small yet flavorful savory treats will get everyone in the mood for what comes next… the meat! NetCost Market stocks freshly prepared salads that make the perfect side to any party! Just come into the store and visit our salad counter to see which ones will take your party to the next level.

Sumptuous sides

But wait…again! We can’t have guests only eating meat! We need some sides to pick up the meal and carry those classic Labor Day flavors. Some of the classics such as potato salad, veggies or some classic pasta salad are great and make it easy. But why not go that little bit further this year and add some excitement to the sides?! Try making some yummy grilled corn topped with cheddar, bacon, and ranch, or some summer Panzanella with plenty of fresh tomatoes and basil!

Desserts to die for

Of course, it needs to be rounded off with something sweet. Often hosts will ask guests to bring a dessert, it’s just courtesy! But, there’s a whole host of great options whether you’re hosting a barbeque yourself or are planning to bring one to a friend’s place. Try making simple classics that conjure up feelings of nostalgia such as ice cream sandwiches, lemon custard pie, or even some strawberry shortcake cheesecake!

To wash it all down

It’s a good idea to always have enough to drink at a Labor Day party, especially as it’s right at the end of the summer! Make sure you get typical barbeque drinks like beer and wine, and soft drinks like soda, juice, and Kool-Aid. But why not make this party one to remember by getting some classic summer cocktails involved? Great flavors to think about are cucumber, mint, and lime, all of which go well with gin, rum or vodka to create brilliant summer drinks! (or without them to make non-alcoholic versions). Check out the great selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks offered at NetCost Market in the run-up to this year’s Labor Day celebration, you’ll be sure to find all the options you desire to make some exciting and refreshing cocktails!

Everyone looks forward to a good Labor Day party because it’s the last time to really let loose before the summer comes to a close. Don’t let them down! Make this year’s party one to remember with some amazing food and drinks. NetCost Market has all the ingredients you need to make the perfect Labour Day party, and our experienced and friendly staff will be more than happy to give you advice on how to prepare and cook your food so you can have confidence that your party will be the best way to round off a brilliant summer!


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