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Pickling is a truly ancient method of preserving food using acidic or high salt solutions. The idea came about when exploration of the seas was a big thing. The long journeys by spice merchants led people to look for new methods of preservation, leading to the first pickles. The first pickles originate from India, where over 4000 years ago, people began pickling cucumbers as a nutritious snack to take along on those long trips. Unsurprisingly and very quickly the process spread, now you find different variations of pickle all over the world, including British chutneys, Japanese kimchi, mekhalel, sauerkraut, piccalilli, pickled eggs and olives.

The pickling process works by submerging food products in a solution with a pH level of 4.6 or lower, or by applying salt to draw out moisture, this too creates a pH level lower than 4.6, and is the method that makes one of our favorites – sauerkraut! The acidity level is very important as this is the level that most bacteria is killed at, allowing the food to stay bacteria free for a very long time. The process also produces enzymes that change the flavors of the food, resulting in that classic “pickled” taste that we know and love today.

Pickling soon became more than just a method of preserving food, as with everything, people started to experiment! People began to enhance the flavors and the health benefits of pickled products. By being picky about what you pickle, you’re able to add extra vitamins such as B and C, making the finished product an easy way to make your diet more healthy and balanced. This is why many people still eat pickles nowadays, and of course because it’s a huge time saver.

At Netcost Market, we take pickling VERY seriously!

So much so that we make our own homemade products in-store. Our extensive range includes many classic Russian, German, Polish and other Eastern European pickles such as sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, pickled tomatoes, pickled cabbage and pickled mushrooms. We also explore other great varieties from around the world such as classic pickled Jalapenos, pickled green tomatoes and spicy Korean style pickled carrot. There is no end to what you can pickle, take our fruit range for example! Try out our pickled apples, pears, and even watermelon, they’ll definitely become your new favorite snack. Our huge range of pickled products will make you feel like you have just wandered into a classic Russian deli in the heart of St. Petersburg, or strolled into a traditional supermarket in the suburbs of Berlin. We always aim for quality and authenticity in our in-store made products, which is why we use traditional pickling methods, unbeatable produce, and have a team with unrivaled expertise in-store at Netcost Market.

Come visit us in store today and check out all the pickles you love and be amazed by all the ones you didn’t know existed! Taste test our homemade range and let us know what you think. We look forward to helping you choose the perfect pickle for any dish, and who knows? You may find your new all time favorite!

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