Trick or Treat around the World

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Trick or Treat

The art of trick or treating at Halloween is a typical American tradition that brings out the best, and sometimes the scariest in communities across the country. However, the roots of this great American custom are found further afield in sunny Britain, where Celtic pagans believed that the spirits of the dead would visit on the night of Halloween. Some people would dress as these spirits and demand offerings in return for good fortune during the hard winter months, tricking unsuspecting people and so creating the idea of “trick or treat”. Modern debates about this family fun festival largely remain around which candy is the best and most loved. At NetCost Market we have a great selection of confectionary from around the world which will make your home the talk of the neighborhood on Halloween eve. Don’t just offer the same old stuff this year,  bring something a little different and more exciting to each child’s haul of candy with our help!

Russia: Russia produces some of the world’s greatest tasting candy, largely thanks to the high standards that were implemented during the Soviet era that gave everyone in the country a sweet tooth! Classic children’s candy includes Korovka toffees, chocolate covered wafers, and Bon Rolls, which are all made to the high stand Russians have come to know and expect from Korovka. The simple yet satisfying taste of these classic sweets means they are still popular in Russia around Halloween, proving that sometimes simplicity is the best policy!

Poland: The love for chocolate and caramel continues with one of the most popular Polish sweets, the Cuckoos from Kukulki. This candy is made of caramel, with a liquid chocolate filling that oozes out and bursts in the mouth. Children love this classic yet fun sweet, but be careful, it can be messy when consumed all at once!

Ukraine: The Ukraine is home to the candy manufacturer Roshen. This giant among candy producers makes some of the highest quality sweet candy in the world, establishing themselves as a truly global force in confectionary. Their greatest achievements include Bonny-Fruit – a fruit candy that uses real fruit juice, Minky Binky – their classic creamy toffee candy, and Crazy Bee Gummi, a brilliantly fruity gummy sweet that bursts with fruit flavors. All of Roshen’s classics can be found in the confectionary department at NetCost Market.

Germany: Germany makes some of the world’s best chocolate and candy. They’re known for their rich, smooth milk chocolate, but also for their love of licorice. As the home of Haribo, they’re also experts in gummy sweets. Here at NetCost Market, we have stocked a wide selection of Haribo gummy sweets, many of which are rarely found in other American stores. Try surprising those little tricksters this Halloween by giving them something they don’t recognize!


Try shaking things up this Halloween and give the children of your neighborhood something different! A selection of candies from around the world will surely make their Halloween eve that bit more exciting and may even teach them something about other cultures in the process. NetCost Market features a wide range of confectionary from around the world, meaning you’re able to build the most exciting stash of candy for those little trick or treaters this Halloween!


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