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February is upon us and so it’s time to turn our attention to Valentine’s Day! Valentine ’s Day marks the festival of St. Valentine, when people around the world celebrate their love for each other, traditionally by exchanging flowers, Valentine’s Day cards, and of course, lots and lots of chocolate! In the US alone, over 200 million cards are exchanged during this festival of love, with the average person spending a whopping $140 on their loved one! At Netcost Market, we offer an all-embracing range of romantic chocolates from the land of the master chocolatiers: Europe. Our range of Swiss, Belgian, German, Italian and Eastern European chocolates offers the perfect gift for the special one in your life this February 14th.


Roshen Assorti (Ukraine)

Roshen is one of the top-ranked chocolate manufacturers in the world, offering a smooth, rich, milky taste that is sure to make your loved one feel your appreciation this Valentine’s Day. The Assorti Milk Chocolate selection is particularly enticing, with a range of milk chocolate pralines, liqueur filled chocolates, and caramel coated candies you’ll find it the perfect sharing box for two!


Spartak (Belarus)

Spartak’s quality is unquestionable, and their central confectionary factory creates some of the most renowned fruit, liqueur and caramel chocolates in Eastern Europe. Spartak offer a wide range of beautifully crafted candies and chocolates, meaning you will most definitely find something, even for the fussiest Valentine.


Trumpf, Edle Tropfen (Germany)

German family company Trumpf have been making high-quality German chocolate since 1857, making their recipe one of the most refined and perfected in the world. The Edle Tropfen collection sees Trumpf combine their spectacular chocolatier skills with some of Europe’s best fruit cognacs, whiskeys and grappa creating an unforgettable selection of alcoholic chocolates that will give your gift an interesting, tasty twist.


Dove (US)

Created by Greek-American founder Leo Stefanos, Dove Chocolate offers the perfect example of European quality chocolate made right here in the US! The 100% pure cocoa butter used in the production of these wonderfully smooth but complex tasting treats means they are one of the purest chocolates on the market and their quality is exceptional. You’ll find it hard to give these chocolates away on Valentine’s Day, so it’s up to you whether or not to share the goodness with a potential valentine or enjoy them all to yourself!


Raffaello (Italy)

Created by some of Europe’s top chocolate producers, Raffaello offers something sweet, subtle and special for those who aren’t so keen on chocolate, or would like to try something different this year. Using coconut praline and crispy wafer, Raffaello matches the quality of any chocolate without containing any cocoa. These candies are specially designed to be given to those you love, so you can let the candy do the talking this Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so make sure you’ve got your chocolates at the ready! At NetCost Market, we’ve got an extensive range of chocolates and candies. We’ve highlighted just a few of the delicious brands we stock but it doesn’t end there, we’ve got something for every Valentine in store so come explore today and purchase your perfect Valentine gift!

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