FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Online Shopping


Which stores currently offer pickup and delivery services?

To find a full list of our current pick up and delivery services, please click here.


What if I’m not satisfied with my delivery?

If you are not satisfied with your delivery, please contact us directly through our “Issues with an Order” form here.


How do I shop at NetCost Market online?

To shop at online at NetCost market, click the shop online button and follow the directions or click here.


How do I edit my order?

Once you have finished placing an order, select the “edit order” option or return to the “Previous Orders” tab to make any changes.


Why did I receive two different charges on my credit card?

Prior to collecting your order, we pre-authorize a hold to your card. Once the order is collected and finalized, the hold is removed and a final charge is applied. Please note, there may be a difference in these prices


What should I do if I want to reschedule my delivery?

Please give us a call, or submit the form found here.


What if I want to add an item, but I don’t see it online?

Please give us a call, or submit the form found here. 


When will you expand your delivery areas?

We are adding new delivery areas every week, your block could be next! To get the most up-to-date information about our online services please follow us on Social Media here.


How do I choose a store for pick-up or delivery?

To learn how to properly select a store for pickup or delivery, please click here.


What if a product is missing from my order?

If anything is missing from your order, please visit fill out the “Issues with an Order” form here.


Do you have a mobile application?

Yes! To download our mobile app simple search for the NetCost Market application in your app store.


In-Store Shopping


What is your refund policy?

Due to the recent health crisis, returns are not currently accepted in-store. If there is an issue with your purchase, please contact us directly here.


Where are your stores located?

To learning more about each one of our 12 locations, click here.


Do your stores have parking?

Some stores have limited free parking, please see the Google page of your desired store in order to check for availability.


How can I apply to work at NetCost Market?

If you are interested in becoming a member of our NetCost community, click here.


Are you following government-mandated COVID-19 regulations?

Absolutely. To read more about recent local government mandates, please click here.


Customer Satisfaction


What discounts do you offer?

We currently offer exclusive sales and promotions on a weekly basis, please stay tuned for more info. As of now, we currently offer a 10% Off Senior Citizen discount in-store only.


What are you doing in response to the COVID-19?

To read more about our efforts in ensuring a safe and healthy environment for both our customers and employees, click here or here.


Who can i contact with any additional questions or concerns?

If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, please fill out the form here.


What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

Although we currently do not offer in-store returns due to our public health crisis, if you have any issues with your product, please fill out the customer service contact form found here.


How can I sign up for a NetCost Club Rewards Card?

Sign up for our exclusive NetCost Club to receive incredible offers here.


Where do you get your products from?

The majority of our products are bought from local growers or imported from overseas, meaning that you are apt to find delicacies on our shelves which you will not see elsewhere. We carry quality products from select importers, and only the freshest products from local producers.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash as well as each and every credit card both in-store, and online. Due to government regulations, EBT cards are only accepted in-store.

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