NetCost Market Ukrainian Week Specials Recipes

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It’s Ukrainian week here at NetCost Market! This means we’ll be bringing you three delicious Ukrainian recipes to get you in the mood for celebrating the exceptional cuisine of this fascinating country. All of the recipes use ingredients from our weekly specials so you can enjoy delectable Ukrainian dishes...
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Everything Squash!

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Summer squash season is upon us, but sometimes we struggle to find ways to eat these curious-looking yellow fruits – yes, technically it is a fruit! Squash makes a great addition to any dinner as they’re full of vitamins A, B6, and C, as well as important minerals like...
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Gourmet Buffet

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Skillfully prepared gourmet meals are just for you to be tasted. You can shop and cook or shop and eat. Start with a mini kitchen makeover. Get your simple kitchen tools ready for healthy home cooking. Begin by taking a quick look through your refrigerator, and get rid of...
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The Freshest Pickles

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Pickling is a truly ancient method of preserving food using acidic or high salt solutions. The idea came about when exploration of the seas was a big thing. The long journeys by spice merchants led people to look for new methods of preservation, leading to the first pickles. The...
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