When you shop at NetCost Market®, we are confident that you will be impressed by the professionalism and quality of our deli department.

We import hundreds of different types of cheeses from countries like France, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Ukraine, and Switzerland. We also select from the finest cheese produced right here in the good ol’ U.S.A. We offer

  • Fresh cheeses like Mozzarella and Ricotta
  • Semi-soft cheeses like Gouda and Havarti
  • Semi-hard cheeses like Cheddar (with flavors ranging from mild to hard)
  • Hard cheeses like Asiago
  • Salty cheeses like Tallegio
  • Bloomy cheeses like Brie
  • Feta, both brine-packed and crumbled

This is in addition to a fine array of goat’s cheeses, buffalo cheeses and sheep’s milk cheeses.  If you love serving cheese platters, you will find all sorts of additions such as thin oven backed crackers, a large variety of jams, olives, seedless grapes and sweet apples.

As for deli meat, we stock only the finest choices for your palate. We serve A large assortment of Eastern European Kielbasa, Bolognas, Wursts, Loaves, Franks, Sausages, Bacon and Italian prosciuttos and pancettas. We also offer traditional American brands and meat preparations like Boar’s Head®, Smoked Turkey, Pesto Parmesan Ham, and Buffalo Chicken.

If you are having a party, NetCost® Market would be delighted and honored to help! We can cater for any occasion with advance notice; just speak to our deli personnel, and they will be happy to prepare you an entire scrumptious meal. Our management will help you to choose what you would like to serve and how much you would need for any specific party size.  If you are in the neighborhood, we can arrange delivery services for your event with prior arrangement.  As always, we look forward serving you at our local NetCost Market®.