NetCost Market® has perfected the concept of delivering to a niche market by supplying premium quality, ethnic foods that are not easily found in your typical supermarket while maintaining unbelievable prices. The NetCost Market® chain operation has very much retained the original trading post concept of mixing a great assortment of products from all around the world. Because of our unique business model and our passionate commitment to bringing you the finest ethnic foods imaginable, NetCost Market® is without a doubt the best place to find Eastern European, European and Far East items.

When you take your cart or your basket through our aisles, you can be confident that you will find an assortment of items that can only be found within our chain of stores. If you want to find something to pair with one of our exquisite teas, you can purchase one of our cookies or chocolates, imported from over 35 different countries. If you want to add something to your pasta dishes, we have an array of sauces, meatballs and herbs that you won’t find anywhere else! Our goal for our grocery department is to offer all of the common well-known American products along-side a vast selection of traditional Eastern European products. We are now the largest chain of Russian and Eastern European specialty grocery stores in the country.

So, for your One-Stop-Shop come check out the NetCost Market® Grocery Department!