Sometimes, all we want is food that reminds us of home and hearth. We want something that is warm and refreshing, comforting and delicious. For those of you who have honored us with your business at our stores, the Homemade Food department may be familiar. This signature department is a beloved cornerstone of our business, a place where people can find delicious dishes made by our chefs with love and care. In today’s busy schedules, it can be difficult to put aside time to put together a homemade meal. We want to provide you with food that will feel like you cooked it in your oven, even as you balance work, school, and play. We provide this food at affordable prices with the best of ingredients.

At NetCost Market®, you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner from our kitchens for weeks and never be worried about repeating a meal. We carry daily-made soups like borscht; meats such as schnitzel; a variety of veal, beef and chicken; grilled and baked salmon and tilapia; fresh-made salads from the best-quality beets; famous olives; and many pickled and marinated items and desserts. Our homemade foods are perfect either as a stand-alone meal or as a complement to the bounty you make in your own kitchens!