At NetCost Market®, the bounty of the sea is brought to you daily. With our experience with the Royal Seafood Bazaar, we intend to demonstrate the finest of products from the rivers and oceans. Seafood, especially the consumption of caviar, is a crucial part of Russian culture, and we are passionate about bringing that passion about seafood to your palate and to your home.

We pride ourselves on our selection. We can say with great confidence that your favorite freshwater or saltwater fish will be available in the best quality at our market.  Since we are our own importer of all seafood products, we can guarantee that you will always have the freshest seafood and never have to endure inferior and fishy-tasting fish or crustaceans again. At NetCost Market®, you can select from trout, salmon steaks, fillets and tail, tilapia, catfish (basa), cod, European seabass (branzino), white perch, flounder (kambala), and carp, as well as a great selection of shrimp both with with head on and head off.  All of your choices are always available at the best market prices, so you can shop with confidence.