Georgian Weeks at NetCost Market — What’s on Offer?

If you weren’t already aware, it’s Georgian Weeks here at NetCost Market! That means we’re celebrating everything this fascinating and breathtaking country has to offer. In previous blog posts, we gave you some great recipes for classic Georgian cuisine and told you about some of the culinary delights that this tiny nation has to offer. This week, we’re going to be telling you all about the great Georgian products we currently have here at NetCost Market as part of our Georgian Weeks Weekly Specials!

Shoti Bread

Shoti is a Georgian bread that’s cooked in an oven called a tone — a type of cylindrical oven similar to an Indian tandoor. The bread is made using white wheat flour and the beauty of shoti is in its simplicity and freshness, so it’s best eaten straight out of the oven when still warm. Each loaf resembles a boat due to the curved shape it gets from the side of the stone oven. Right now, NetCost Market is offering freshly baked shot for as little as $2.49! There’s no reason not to try this tasty bread that goes well with just about any meal.


Basturma is an air-dried, highly-seasoned cured beef that has its roots in Byzantine and Ottoman Turkish cuisine. In fact, this type of meat is popular across the whole of the Caucus region and as far south as Egypt where a variety of meats including camel are used to make this delicious preserved delicacy. In Georgia, it’s often served alongside locally produced Georgian wine and is also grilled and then served with tomatoes, onions, and lemon juice. Luckily for you, you don’t need to go all the way to Georgia to get world-class Basturma because we have it right here at NetCost Market for an amazing $13.99 per lb. — that’s $3 less than the regular price!

Gruzinskaya Beef Salami

Gruzinskaya is a dry beef salami that’s a real favorite in Georgia. It is very lean and therefore has a richer flavor than most other salamis, making it unique to the region when compared with other European types from further west. Right now, Gruzinskaya Beef Salami has a massive 31% off at only $8.99 per lb.! So, there’s no better time to try this unique, delectable Georgian favorite.

Georgian Churchkhela

Churchkhela is a traditional Georgian candy that consists of grapes, nuts, flour and fruit juices. It’s usually eaten around Christmas and New Year and is made by placing nuts on a string and then repeatedly dipping them into a liquid made of grape juice thickened with flour. The complex cooking process makes for a really unique and multilayered flavor that is really tasty! At NetCost Market, we currently have Georgian Chuchkhela for $2.49 a packet, saving you a huge 48% off the original price!

Georgian cuisine is really full of surprises, and here at NetCost Market, we want you to fall in love with it just as much as we have! In addition to our great Weekly Specials prices, we’ll also be offering free Plov — a baked Georgian spiced rice with meat and vegetables — at our store located at Blue Grass Plaza, Welsh Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114, every Saturday throughout December. Make sure you head down to make the most of this exclusive offer, or to your local NetCost Market store to take advantage of the current Georgian Weeks Weekly Specials!

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