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Posted 1 year ago

The Barista is responsible for preparing and serving various coffee drinks, juice beverages and pastries to our customers. Daily functions for the Café will include operating the cash registers and credit card machines. Baristas work to maintain good customer relations and speedy delivery of all beverages as well as complete assigned tasks from management on every day basis.
Daily Operations:
• Welcoming and greeting customers in the café and delivering the highest level of customer service
• Preparing and selling coffee products by closely following the prescribed preparation techniques
• Routinely cleans the bar area, floor, windows and grinders, and takes out trash, etc.
• Ensure that all garbage cans in the department have tightly closed lids on top of them at all times; it is a MUST that gloves get changed after each garbage disposal
• Maintain all safety and sanitation procedures as per NetCost Market policies
• Sanitizing or cleaning utensils, work areas and equipment
• Regularly checking the temperature of refrigerators, freezers or other heating equipment to make sure it functions properly
• Ordering, receiving and stocking retail products or stock supplies
• Serving prepared foods such as cakes, biscotti, muffins or bagels
• Maintaining equipment from time to time by closely following operating guidelines, replenishing supplies, and performing preventative maintenance
• Ensuring a healthy and safe environment and a friendly atmosphere by following sanitation regulations and organization standards
• Setting up or restocking product displays
• Listening to customer complaints and queries and addressing their concerns in an efficient yet friendly manner, and reporting to the manager on duty without delay
• Maintaining a prompt and friendly customer service
• Reporting potential safety hazards to the manager on duty without delay


Preferred Qualifications:
• High school diploma or equivalency degree
• Must be 18 or over
• Experience with making coffee is a plus
• Ability to interpret, understand and follow instructions and solve problems
• Able to work well with others as a team member
• A passion for serving people

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