NetCost Family – Interesting Facts About NetCost Market

As the holiday season gets underway, it’s time to come together with family and friends to celebrate with good food, drinks, and of course, great company! The holiday season has got us thinking about our own family. NetCost Market is made up of over 1300 valued employees who together allow us to bring great food to your table. As a new decade approaches, we want to reflect on our wonderful family of employees. NetCost Market would like to share some fun, and interesting facts that we believe show we’re much more than just your run-of-the-mill employer.

A family that sticks together

The retail industry tends to have a high employee turnover rate, but here at NetCost Market, we’re proud to announce that 10% of our employees have been with us for over 10 years! That’s over 100 of our valued family members, which is a considerable achievement in any industry.

Family members rising through the ranks

As well as retaining many of our employees for over a decade, we’ve also managed to ensure as many as 20% of our employees have been promoted from entry-level to management-level positions. When we see talent, commitment, and a hard work ethic here at NetCost Market, we know that it needs to be acknowledged and applauded. Having managerial team members that have worked their way up from the bottom assures those new employees who join our company are in the capable hands of someone that has seen it all and can help them achieve their full potential.

Rewarding our most hardworking family members

NetCost Market employees that go above and beyond the norm to bring excellent quality service to our customers are rewarded as part of the NetCost Market incentive program. This program ensures that our most dedicated employees don’t go unnoticed and that others are encouraged to do the same.

Giving Tinder a run for its money

NetCost Market is honored to have played cupid to over 30 couples that have gone on to build loving families as a result. At that rate, NetCost Market may be giving some of the top matchmaking apps some healthy competition! We’re delighted that our big family was the starting place for so many others, and it highlights how we’re much more than just a place where people go to work.

Sharing is caring

Families share what they have with each other. Here at NetCost Market, we agree! We share what we have to offer with our valued employees, which is why we provide one of the largest employee discounts; when compared with our competitors. Also, we offer New Year’s gift cards to all our employees and even vacations and cruises to our most valued and hard working. Sharing what we have helps those who we rely on us, and it shows how much we appreciate the hard work they put in.

NetCost Market is more than just a place where people go to work, it’s a place where relationships flourish and people develop by building a career where they feel valued. As an employer, it’s our duty to look out for all those under our care and give them the support they need to fulfill their ambitions. At this time of year, when everyone is reflecting on the value of family and friends, we must reflect on what matters to us most – our employees. Putting our employees first is what will allow us to best serve our community for years to come.

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