At a time when everyone is apprehensive about where we’re going, NetCost Market is doing everything possible to ensure a safe, healthy and trusted environment for our shopping community and our valued employees. We recognized early the unparalleled disruption and nervousness that was being experienced locally and globally as a result of this tragic Virus.

We further understand our critically important role as an essential food provider in a time of crisis and take that responsibility seriously when it comes to delivering a safe and secure shopping environment for all of our customers. As such, please know that when you walk into any NetCost Market location we are doing the following:

  • Having all employees’ temperatures checked daily before they start their shifts
  • Performing a higher level of ADDED sanitizing to keep our stores clean and disinfected
  • Cleaning all equipment in every department throughout each and every day
  • Having ALL prepackaged food monitored and quality controlled
  • Having employees encourage social distancing by regulating customer traffic and register lines
  • Marking all store floors with six feet separation signs
  • Regulating shopper traffic patterns by monitoring customer counts at the register. When high, we slow down or shut down entrances, so we do not overwhelm our store with too many people
  • Have all our employees wear masks and gloves at all times
  • Proved all stores with sanitation wipes for our customers
  • Equip all registers with plastic barrier shields to protect both – employees and the customers

We hope that gives you perspective on what is happening on the front lines when you shop at any of one of our store locations. We will continue to reinforce our efforts on essential procedures that will provide you with a sense of Trust and Confidence that where you shop is important when it comes to your health. This is no time for guessing or talking. At NetCost Market, we are taking action for you.

We wish you good health!

Eduard Shnayder
CEO and President
NetCost Market

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