Halloween Food Ideas

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As Fall begins to set in, we turn our attention to celebrating Halloween, which is, of course, the spookiest time of the year! Across America millions of children will be going out trick or treating, carving pumpkins, and telling ghost stories to honor this age-old tradition. But what are...
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If there is one dish that really gets the taste buds reminiscing, it has got to be Borscht. Borscht, for those who haven’t experienced it, is a soup packed with warming flavor and in many Eastern European cuisines is a much-loved traditional dish. As with many traditional dishes, the...
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Top Pumpkin Recipes

Fall is truly in the air, and we’ve got warming comfort food on the brain. This season brings with it a whole host of delicious offerings including apples, pears, the trendy sweet potato, winter squash and the much-loved pumpkin! The pumpkin has been a big deal in the US...
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Thin Blini (Russian Pancakes)

There’s nothing more ideal than a stack of pancakes being placed in front of you on a Saturday morning… or any morning in fact! Today’s recipe takes a step away from the traditional American style pancakes that we know and love, and brings you its cousin, the Blini. The...
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3 Easy Apple Recipes

Fall is here! Don’t get us wrong, we loved Summer but there is something about Fall that we just can’t get enough of… and yes, that is the food. Warm and delicious comfort food packed with flavor from plenty of spices and seasonal fruit and vegetables, what more could...
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Eastern European Kotlety

Eastern European Kotlety
Kotlety (also known as cutlets) are pan-fried minced meat croquettes, which go perfectly with a side of mashed potatoes, pasta or any kind of kasha! If you want to try Kotlety in a sandwich, pair with fresh bread, tomato, lettuce and basil. Wondering what exactly you need to cook...
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Okroshka recipe
Who wants to eat hot soup during the summer? Nobody. But what if it was cold? Check out Okroshka, a Russian cold soup! Ingredients: 1 small bunch radishes, cut in half and thinly sliced 1 small cucumber, peeled and cut into small dice ¼ cup chopped dill ¼ cup...
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Grilled Peach Cobbler

Grilled peach cobbler
Tired of bringing the same desserts to summer parties? Try this delightful grilled peach cobbler. It will leave those who have a bite wanting more! Requirements Cobbler – 7 cups ½ peach slices, preferably fresh – ¾ cup grated sugar – 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour – 1 teaspoon powdered...
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Cream Cheese Lemonade Pie

Cream cheese lemonade pie
Try this delicious cream cheese lemonade pie; perfect for any summer day! Ingredients For the Smooth Pie 1 5oz container evaporated milk 1 3.4oz box of instant lemon pudding mix, one small box 2 8oz packages of cream cheese ¾ cup frozen lemonade concentrate For the Pie Crust 2...
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Bacon and Egg “Muffins”

Bacon egg muffins
Ingredients: (for each serving) 1-2 slices of bacon 1-2 eggs Salt and ground pepper (black or white) to taste Herbs (optional): basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley, dill or thyme. Directions: Microwave, broil or fry the bacon until it’s half done. Form the slices into a ring and place in a...
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