A Cozy Picnic

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Experiment with a food creativity and make the picnic inviting.

It is always a good idea to anticipate spending quality time in a green park or by the ocean, and offer yourself healthy foods and drinks. Whether you want to celebrate good news in your life, friends’ victories or breathe a feeling of joy into the day. Now is time to remember that we have recreational items in storage such as picnic baskets, fishing gear etc. We don’t use them frequently, but they are handy every time we have them in mind.

Rely on local fresh produce from a supermarket, and make delicious sandwiches as nutritious and appealing as you can. Come up with the best sandwich ever. Get a beautiful loaf of bread, fresh, soft, moist, crispy with extra chewy texture. A freshly baked bread with every shape and size still warm from the oven such as French bread, Dark Grain bread, Country bread, Belgian bread, Wheat Mixed bread etc.

Combine lots of different vegetables like peppers, zucchini, onion, tomatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, boiled eggs, cheese, chicken pate, goose pate, fried or smoked fish, thinly sliced turkey ham, veal, spicy sausages etc. A proper sandwich can satisfy your appetite.

There are so many savory choices for it. Cut the bread, goose pate along with mustard, a little olive oil, radish, tomatoes, arugula, olives, lettuce, pickled cucumber, use lettuce to wrap veggies. It is rich, creamy, juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Create a combination of fresh bread with grilled vegetables, boiled eggs, cheese, turkey, mustard, onion, greens, hot jalapeño. According to proper food combining approach, we can mix eggs, cheese with meat in moderation.

A fish sandwich with veggies, served with cilantro, scallion, mint, and parsley for brightness makes a great, great sandwich. When I eat a sandwich like this it makes me happy. Make your sandwich one of a kind.

A cozy picnic adventure is calling you to add some excitement to your day. Savor breakfast, lunch or dinner with close friends and family, celebrate summer days, energize yourself with beauty, fun, nature, and love every minute of it.

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