NetCost Market Thanksgiving Catering

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Thanksgiving has been celebrated in the USA since 1789 and has been a national holiday since 1864. As we all know, it was traditionally celebrated to give thanks to God for the bountiful harvest, but nowadays is a time of coming together with family and friends around a traditional American feast. Traditional Thanksgiving dinner often consists of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, cornbread, green bean casserole, cranberry relish, roasted carrots, stuffing and a good serving of thick gravy. All of these dishes require lots of preparation, time and organization to get absolutely perfect, which is why at NetCost Market we’re taking steps to make your Thanksgiving dinner preparations that little bit easier!

Our In-house Chef’s Gourmet Thanksgiving Turkey – This year our professional in-house chefs are able to prepare a perfect gourmet turkey that’s ideal for your Thanksgiving dinner. Using all the traditional ingredients and cooking techniques, our chefs will prepare your turkey so that it’s ready exactly when you need it. Just pick it up from your local NetCost Market, serve and enjoy! It couldn’t be easier! What’s more, you will also have a choice of four delicious traditional gourmet stuffings to choose from, including plain, noodles and mushrooms, fruit, and rice with dried fruits. We can also offer turkey legs, wings and half of a turkey as alternative options, as well as various salad and side dish options. This wonderful offer is perfect for those hosting a large group on Thanksgiving, so head down to your local NetCost Market or Gourmanoff store and place your order now!

Other Turkey Options – As well as our in-house gourmet turkey offer, we are also well stocked with high quality frozen and fresh turkeys if you enjoy the challenge of making your own bird from scratch! Round Hill Fresh Whole Frozen Turkeys are a great option as they can be stored in the freezer and then defrost in the run-up to Thanksgiving, and at only 99¢ per lb., this is a perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. Our Fresh Meat department is also stocking a large range of fresh turkeys from various local suppliers. Alternatively, we are also stocking other great meats such as duck, goose, baby pig and rabbit, if you fancy something a little different this Thanksgiving! Explore our special offers here.

Sides – But what about the rest of the meal?! Well, NetCost Market have you covered in that department too! Our choice of fresh and frozen cranberries and ready-made cranberry sauce will make the perfect accompaniment to your turkey. Our fresh foods department will be stocked with extra potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, apples, carrots and other essential ingredients for your perfect dinner. In addition, we are also stocking Zeigler’s All-Natural Apple Cider, the perfect soft drink to accompany your festive dinner, and various high-quality turkey gravies and stuffing to complete your ideal meal.

So, why not make this Thanksgiving a hassle-free holiday and head down to NetCost market for all the essentials and luxury items you need to make an amazing Thanksgiving feast? Our in-house turkey offer will take a load off, meaning you can focus on enjoying yourself with your friends and family! Talk to one of our dedicated staff members in store for more information and to answer any questions you may have.

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