What makes NetCost Market so different from others?

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Food has shifted to the forefront of our minds in a completely different way, it demands our attention across television, magazines and dominates over photo sharing platform- Instagram. The world is obsessed! The most interesting part of it all is how we appear to have moved from coveting the fast and filthy foods to fresh products. That’s not to say that comfort food is off the menu, but it is definitely all about the quality and origin of products…

Our brief history

NetCost Market® have been focussing on quality since the very early days. It all began with the fall of the Iron Curtain and the opportunity to emigrate to the great USA. The father and son team, Sam and Eduard Shnayder set out to share their passion for fresh and delicious foods, spurred on by their craving for a taste of home. In 1997, the pair opened the Royal Seafood Baza and began importing products for the local Russian community. Little did they know then, that this would be the starting point of NetCost Market®.

NetCost Market® first opened its doors in 2000 and has since seen nine new stores welcomed across the East Coast. Much to the delight of the strong Eastern European communities in the US, the expansion of this brand is inevitable. Despite the supermarket giants that haunt these areas, more and more people are shopping at NetCost Market®, with offerings of over 45,000 products and efficient customer service with a more personal feel, it’s easy to see why. There is more to NetCost Market® than just being a faceless supermarket, the aisles of these stores read like an adventure for taste buds, one moment it’s English Jam, the next it’s Russian Kolbasa! NetCost Market® is a true community store on a mission to bring quality produce to every home in America.

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