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10 Simple Ways to Sneak More Leafy Greens into Your Diet

Leafy greens are more than just space filler on a dinner plate! They’re an essential part of a healthy balanced diet, providing the body with vital vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, as well as essential vitamins such as magnesium, calcium, and iron. But there’s always been a big fuss about eating these superfoods!

Here at NetCost Market, we’ve got some great and easy ways for you to sneak more greens into your diet without compromising on enjoying your meals!

1. Put them in a smoothie! – If you’re not fond of greens, put them in a smoothie with sweet fruits like berries and coconut to mask their flavor. This way, your daily intake of greens can be over in seconds!

2. Get creative with some kale chips – Kale is super healthy, yet some people find it less than appealing. Try baking the leaves in the oven with a light brushing of vegetable oil and some salt to make crispy kale chips. They’re not quite like potato chips, but they certainly make a great compromise.

3. Leafy taco shells! – What? I hear you ask! This tactic is a great way to increase the amount of leafy greens you’re ingesting while reducing the amount of complex carbohydrates in your meal! Try it with taco beef or spicy chicken to make the perfect high protein, low carb feast!

4. Add them to soup – We all love some tasty croutons in soup, but the truth is they’re made from fried pieces of bread! For a healthier option, why not chop some leafy greens into bite-sized pieces and add them to a nice winter soup? They’ll add to the texture while also giving you that green boost your body so badly needs!

Homemade creamy leek soup

5. Go green with a stir-fry – Believe it or not, leafy greens are actually brilliant in a stir-fry! Try adding kale or pak choi next time you’re cooking up a feast! They only need a quick flash in the pan, but the added benefits will add to the vitamin richness of this already healthy meal.

6. Breakfast Greens! – Not a fan of greens? Why not get them out the way during a super healthy breakfast so that you can enjoy an indulgent (less green) dinner? Poached eggs go great with raw spinach on sourdough bread for a super healthy start to the day.

7. Hide your greens in a sandwich – It’s an obvious one, but you’ll be surprised how often people leave out lettuce or other leafy greens when it comes to sandwiches! Just a few leaves added to your pastrami sandwich, that bagel with cream cheese or even that salami sub could have major health benefits without you even noticing that you’re eating anything green!

Sandwich with cheese, tomatoes and greens

8. Unleash the benefits of fresh herbs – Herbs such as fresh parsley and cilantro are packed with vitamins and minerals but are often forgotten about when it comes to making fresh salads. Keep a bunch in the fridge ready for when you’re in need of a salad with an extra punch of flavor!

9. Grow your own! – If you grow it, you’ll love it! It sounds crazy but it’s true! Growing your own lettuce, spinach, or kale is a great way to fall in love with leafy greens. What’s more, they’re easy to grow and care for, and of course, you’ll even save some money in the process!

10. Pack it into a pesto – Pesto is usually made with basil, but it can, in fact, be made with any leafy green! Blending your greens together with toasted nuts, garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and some salt and pepper will make it burst with flavor! It’s perfect for adding to pasta dishes or as a healthy spread for toast!

Next time you turn your nose up at some leafy greens, consult this list to see if you can get yourself into eating vitamin-rich, healthy, and tasty green leaf alternatives! NetCost Market specializes in fresh produce, so we’re the place to find the freshest, tastiest leafy greens around!

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