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Beat the Heat with These Cooling Summer Foods

The height of summer is here, and while a few months ago we couldn’t wait for the weather to warm up, we’re now desperately looking for ways to keep cool and lower our body temperature! Luckily for you, here at NetCost Market, we’ve put together a list of essential cooling foods that are both healthy and refreshing!


Okay, so we’re starting off with a weird one, but yes! Onions have surprisingly good cooling powers. In addition to their cooling effects, onion juice is actually very effective at treating heat stroke and cooling sunburned skin when it’s applied externally. Just make sure you don’t apply it before going out for dinner with friends, or you may end up eating alone…


Yogurt is an essential part of the diet in some of the hottest countries in the world – whether it’s a salted ayran in Turkey or a sweet lassi in India. The reason yogurt is so cooling is that it coats your mouth, throat, and stomach, drawing out the heat from the areas it touches. This is what gives it that refreshing taste!


Although radish has a peppery flavor, it’s great for keeping you cool – especially if it’s been stored in the fridge right before being eaten! This is because radish contains a large percentage of water, which keeps it cool right until it hits your stomach. Although radish is mostly made of water, it doesn’t mean that it’s void of goodness – the remaining parts contain high amounts of vitamin C and fiber which are essential in the summer months!


Well, this one is pretty obvious! Mint is naturally cooling whether it’s applied to the skin or eaten. What’s more, it’s great for fighting allergies and settling an upset stomach which is always a good thing because many people suffer from seasonal allergies and heat-related stomach issues.


Melons of all types have high water contents, so they keep cool right down to the stomach, cooling your body from the inside. What’s more, they are very versatile, meaning they can be added to salads, smoothies, desserts, or just eaten as a snack at the hottest part of the day!


Grilled corn is everywhere in the summer, and you may be thinking, “wait a second, how can something that’s grilled cool you down?”. Well, the answer is simple! Corn contains two unique phytochemical compounds called lutein and zeaxanthin that actively reduce the effect the Sun’s rays have on your skin which reduces the chance of sunburn. It’s also full of fiber which helps your body retain water with lower levels of salt – something that can otherwise lead to dehydration!

So, there you have it – these are some of the most cooling foods out there. Some of them are pretty obvious, but others may leave you thinking twice about which foods keep you cool in the hottest months of the year! But before you go and make yourself an onion and corn smoothie, it’s always important to remember that one of the most effective ways to keep cool is to drink lots and lots of water – especially when you eat. If you’d like to find somewhere that offers you all of these great cooling foods, head down to NetCost Market where you’ll find the best quality fruits, vegetables, and other products that are perfect for battling the heat this summer!

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