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Best Meats, Cuts and Seafood for Your BBQ

Memorial Day falls on May 29 this year, and we expect that most of you out there will be enjoying the national holiday with a customary BBQ in the sunshine (we hope). To ensure you host the best BBQ this year, we are going to give you some invaluable knowledge about what meats, cuts, and fish work best on the BBQ.

Beef: No BBQ is complete without beef. The rich flavor and texture (in our opinion!) is matched by no other meat. Beef is often and with good reason the key part of the Memorial Day dish of the day!

Brisket – This cut comes from the shoulder at the front of the animal. It is a firm cut that is best done slow cooked, under a BBQ hood. Doused with rich BBQ sauce, this cut soaks up smoky flavors from the BBQ well, while providing a beautiful melt in the mouth texture.

Ribeye Steak – Ribeye is a juicy, high flavor cut of beef that is ideal for the BBQ. The marbled fat melts into the meat as it cooks, adding to the flavor of the meat while also ensuring it doesn’t dry out during the process of grilling. Best served Medium to well done.

Pork: Pork has a delicate flavor and tender texture, it responds very well to marinades and glazes such as honey, maple & mustard and balsamic.

Loin Roast – An often overlooked cut for the BBQ, the Loin is perfect for cooking over an indirect heat. This cut keeps its texture well while holding in the meat juices for a full flavor cut.

Back Ribs – Ribs are a BBQ classic, and rightly so! The fat and bone in this cut packs flavor into the meat, and the soft, supple texture makes this cut the pinnacle of BBQing perfection. Cook on the BBQ for about 30 minutes, brushing with BBQ sauce or glaze generously to prevent burning. Great for sharing with friends and family.

Chicken: For those that prefer the delicate flavor of chicken, there are plenty of great options for the BBQ that make this meat a must buy!

Whole Leg (skin on) – the whole leg (drumstick and thigh) is a tasty cut as flavor enters the meat from the fat and skin from one side, and the bone from the other. Add a jerk or BBQ rub to the skin for extra flavor, and make sure you leave the skin on for the meat to lock in the tasty juices.

Chicken Breast Kebabs – Dicing chicken breast and adding it to a metal skewer is a great way of making smoky, charred and healthy chicken kebabs. Marinade them in a tasty yogurt and mint dip to lock in the moisture and add flavor to the delicate texture of the breast.

Seafood: When it comes to seafood and BBQ, you need to be careful not to overcook the meat, but providing you get it just right, the results can be exquisite!

White Fish – White fish such as cod, haddock, and monkfish hold their form very well on a BBQ, and the meat soaks in the smoky flavors of the coals without losing moisture.

Shrimp – Is a BBQ even a BBQ without shrimp? We don’t think so… and the bigger the better! Try dousing them in a mixture of salt, pepper, lime juice and olive oil to give them that fresh flavor. The olive oil will help prevent the outside from burning while not overpowering the delicate flavors of the shrimp.


Memorial Day is without a doubt the No.1 BBQ day of the year, so head down to your local Netcost Market store, and discover the range of meats on offer in order to impress your friends and family at this year’s Memorial Day celebrations!

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