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Choosing Meat for The Grill

Putting on a BBQ is like holding a theater performance, with the meat as the star of the show and the grill meister as the director! And like any performance, you want the best possible showman in your starring role. This is why it’s important to ensure you do your research to find the best cuts of meat for your BBQ.  To make this choice easier, we have compiled some key tips that if followed, will make your BBQ run without a hitch… at least in the food quality department, we’re leaving the grilling to you!

The simple and obvious – BBQ classics like burgers, hotdogs, chicken thighs and wings should not be overlooked! Everyone loves these classic comfort foods, and what’s better is they’re very simple and easy to cook. Think of them as the supporting cast to your performance; they’re not the main attraction, but they will keep the interest of your guests while they wait. To really impress, make your own burgers at home using a base of high-quality beef mince, salt, and pepper, and you’ll never go wrong! Explore new additions every time to keep your burgers interesting.

For a small audience – For a small crowd, Rib-eye steak is perfect. The marbled fat that runs through this cut gives it a rich flavor but means it keeps its texture even when cooked well-done. It should not be undercooked (anything less than medium rare), as this will not give the fat a chance to melt into the soft tender meat. Due to the price of this cut, you may want to keep it for an exclusive crowd of a select few.

For a larger crowd – So, you’ve invited over 25 people for a great summer BBQ and you’ve just realized you don’t know what to cook for so many people! Never fear, there are cuts perfectly designed for such an occasion. The two we would suggest are beef brisket, which slow grilled turns into the melt-in-your-mouth ultimate luxury, and pork belly, which grilled with a classic BBQ sauce goes down a treat! What’s better is that these cuts are relatively inexpensive. Just be aware that due to their high-fat content, they will shrink to almost half the size, so make sure you buy enough to feed EVERYONE!

The grand finale! – You know your way around burgers, rib-eye, brisket, and belly and now it’s time for the final curtain; the ultimate end to a BBQ. We suggest whole beef or pork tenderloin. The sight of the whole cut sizzling away on the grill is awe-inspiring in itself, but the soft, fall apart texture and the smooth meaty flavor of these cuts really take the party to a whole new level. You’ll have people talking about your infamous BBQ for years to come!

So, there you have it, BBQing is like putting on a stage show…kind of. Either way, we hope you’ve found some of these tips useful and inspiring, and that they will bring together your friends and family for some truly awesome BBQs this summer!

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