Freshly Baked Bread at Your Local NetCost Market

Bread is the staple component for many cultures around the world, but no one quite does it like the Europeans! The sheer variety of bread types found on the continent is mind-blowing, but while most of us here in the US think of fluffy white Italian Focaccia and crusty baguettes, today we’re going to be talking about bread from the north of the region, mainly from Germany and Lithuania. While this region does not receive all the attention for its quality of bread, it certainly has a lot to offer! Bread from this area is defined by different types of grain to those in the south, as rye, barley and spelt are better grown in colder conditions. These grains also give the bread a deeper, richer and more bitter flavor, as well as a denser texture. NetCost Market uses traditional recipes and baking methods to bring this European authenticity to your plate right here in the US, so check out some of our favorites in store, and get inspired with a touch of Northern European cuisine today!

Rugine Dunoa

This is a typical Lithuanian bread that uses rye flour and a traditional sourdough starter. The whole grain rye flour takes longer to be broken down by the yeast in the starter compared with everyday white bread, which allows the flavor of the dough to develop due to its long proofing stage. The result is a rich flavored loaf that’s soft in the middle yet firm on the outside, making it perfect for buttering and eating with rich cheeses and traditionally cured meats.


Landbrot is the farmhouse loaf of Deutschland. Made using wheat, it is baked in large loaves and would originally have been used for simple meals like breakfast or for lunchtime sandwiches. The baking process creates a thick crust, protecting the bread from the surrounding air, and staving off the process of going stale for up to one week! As with many other German breads, Landbrot uses a traditional sourdough starter, giving it a slightly sour flavor and a good amount of air holes that make it a delight to eat with salted butter, or as an accompaniment to soup.


Brezels, or as we know them here in the US, Pretzels, are a traditional German bread type that originates in the south of the country but have made their way around the world! Made using wheat flour, the Brezel is then soaked in malt, which gives it a soft and chewy crust which is then topped with large grains of salt. This salt is what makes this snack so addictive, and in Germany, they even sell this indulgent bread injected with butter!

Bread comes in all shapes and forms, and it is our duty here at NetCost Market to ensure we offer you the customer, the chance to taste breads from all over the world. Northern Europe has some of the best breads on offer, and it’s for this reason that we have decided to use traditional recipes and baking methods to bring the rustic, traditional charm of Germany and Lithuania to your food cupboard!

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