Gourmanoff Paramus NJ Coming This Fall!

When it comes to high-quality gourmet cuisine, nobody does it better than Gourmanoff. With an extensive selection of luxurious foods such as caviar, organic meats, fine quality smoked fish and other specialist culinary delicacies from around the world, Gourmanoff is the Rolls Royce of supermarkets. Specializing in nothing less than the finest quality products, sourced from the best producers around the globe, at Gourmanoff, we seek to make high-quality items available in one convenient store. Whilst we specialize in cuisine from regions such as Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Italy and France, you will find that our selection encompasses the very best foods from all over the globe. At Gourmanoff we work to deliver you the sensation of visiting a premium European food market and to retain the quality and authenticity of a European farmers market, without you needing to venture to multiple stores, or spend a small fortune.

The resounding success of the first Gourmanoff branch, which opened in 2014 in Brighton Beach, New York, has proven that the lust for exquisite cuisine is on the rise in the region, prompting the opening of a second branch in Paramus, New Jersey. This new location, due to open this fall, will bring with it all the opulence that is associated with Gourmanoff and will deliver a whole new standard of cuisine to the local community.

Specialists from around the USA and further afield are brought together to deliver an in-house service that cannot be rivaled. This includes an in-house artisan bakery, that bakes the finest quality Eastern European bread, and a fish counter that sources the finest fish from Alaska, Maine, and Long Island, keeping produce fresh from the ocean right until it reaches your shopping cart. The market sells only organic meats, meaning there is no need for concern regarding the quality of the meat on offer, and a dedicated team of sourcing specialists ensure that Gourmanoff only buys from high quality, trusted producers. As well as fresh food varieties, at Gourmanoff we also stock a high selection of premium, luxury items such as pickled fish, dried and fresh pasta, and an extensive selection of high-end confectionary and sweets. To top it all off, we offer our clients an impressive selection of alcoholic beverages that match the food’s superior quality, including a remarkable selection of liquors, champagnes, wines and beers.

So, New Jersey, are you ready to have your taste buds elevated to the next level? This fall will bring a whole new culinary sensation to Paramus, and we invite you to visit the store to experience it for yourself. The address is 221 Route 4 West, Paramus, NJ. There will be opportunities to taste the high-quality items before you buy them and revel in luxury. Stay up-to-date with the developments at Gourmanoff and for more information on the exact opening date visit, Ensure you make it down to the opening event and envelope yourself in a world of premium quality tastes and flavors. We’re looking forward to meeting you!


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