Grocery Shopping Hacks

Grocery shopping is something we all need to contend with, many people even dread that weekly or bi-weekly shopping trip. Sometimes when it’s busy our experience can be rather more stressful, putting us off what could and should be an enjoyable event. This month we’re talking about how to make your grocery shopping experience more pleasant and how to make the most of what Netcost Market has to offer!

The early bird catches the worm!

You’ve heard that saying right? and where grocery shopping is concerned, it’s not wrong. If you normally head for your groceries in the evening you have most likely noticed that you arrive at precisely the time when the whole world, their gran and their dogs decide to go hit the stores too! It can feel chaotic. Try opting for more obscure times to visit the stores such as straight after opening, during your lunch break, or after you’ve dropped the children at school. This way you can take your time along the aisles without battling the masses, making your experience a pleasant one.

Shop Smart: NetCost Market Weekly Sale!

Every week at Netcost Market we have a sale which allows you to stock up on various essentials, luxury items, and new products at discounted prices! Before heading in store check out our weekly sale page on the Netcost Market website so you don’t miss out on our fantastic offers: It’s a great way to try out different products and it’s a smart way to save a little on your grocery costs.

Cross it off the list.

Grocery shopping list

Being organized will make your shopping experience a lot simpler, especially if you have no choice but to go when the store will be busy. Put together a plan for your weekly meals, and make a detailed shopping list of the items you need. This way you can remain focused on getting what you actually want and can even save time by avoiding unnecessary aisles. In addition to making you an efficient shopper, it is also the best way to help yourself stick to a shopping budget.

Join the club!

Not only do we offer fantastic discounts in our weekly sale, but we also offer our loyal customers the opportunity to get a Netcost Market Club Card. Our handy club card gives you access to EXCLUSIVE discounts at all Netcost Market locations, and on selected days we offer a 10% discount for senior citizens! Sign up for free at and get started today!

Rustle up a new recipe.

As well as being passionate about the food we sell, we’re always thinking of new ways for you to expand your culinary horizons. This is why we started the recipe section on our website, to give you an insight into some exciting and delicious dishes that you can make at home. All of the ingredients are available in store. SO, if you want to try something new and exciting, visit now and add a little diversity to your next shopping list.



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