Halloween Food Ideas

As Fall begins to set in, we turn our attention to celebrating Halloween, which is, of course, the spookiest time of the year! Across America millions of children will be going out trick or treating, carving pumpkins, and telling ghost stories to honor this age-old tradition. But what are the origins of Halloween? Let’s explore why we celebrate this strange festivity and then let’s get creative with some great ideas that will make this Halloween the best one yet!

Halloween began as a Christian celebration to celebrate dead saints (hallows), martyrs and the faithful departed. Originally named All Hallows Eve, the celebration has become shortened to just Halloween over time. In many countries, the traditional Christian church still holds services to remember the dead. Nowadays, especially here in the US, most people celebrate a more commercial and secularized version of Halloween, with games, pranks and scary movies being the order of the day!

At Netcost Market HQ we’ve been brainstorming some seriously spooky ideas to add some Halloween fun to your snacks and treats. So, whether you’re just spending the night with friends, or catering for a whole children’s party, our frighteningly fun ideas will make your Halloween one to remember… even after you’re gone..!halloween-drinks-idea

To get the Halloween theme started, we’ve got a quick fix for keeping your drinks spine-tingling cold. Turn a pumpkin into an icebox for your beers or soft drinks. Simply hollow out a large pumpkin, cutting horizontally one-quarter of the way down from the top to create a Pumpkin bowl. Then simply put in a glass or Pyrex bowl to stop any potential leaks, fill with drinks of your choice and finally add ice to keep them dead cool!

Creating a Halloween theme doesn’t need to be difficult, many of your everyday snacks and foods can be given a spooky twist. Turn ordinary Burgers into Jack-o-Lantern Cheese Burgers! Grill some juicy burgers and before adding cheese, cut out some Pumpkin style Jack-o-Lantern faces on the slices. Leave the top bun off the burger so everyone can appreciate this brilliant extra detail!

Who knew that strawberries could be scary? We did! For something sweet and scary, make shrieking strawberry ghosts. Just dip whole strawberries in white chocolate, leaving the green leaves on the top of the strawberry to act as hair, then simply pipe an oval screaming mouth and two dots for eyes to complete the design. This sweet snack is also healthy, and a brilliant one to get the children to help with!

Freak out your friends by adding eyeball candies to your cookie recipe. It’s as easy as R.I.P, make homemade cookies using your favorite recipe, and then immediately add the eyeball candies whilst the cookies are still hot. You can also make your own eyeball candies using a blob of white icing with a dot of black on top. If you want to go for a googly eye effect then pipe the black icing just off center.

These are just the beginning, there’s a whole host of ordinary foods out there waiting for you to give them a gorey, gloomy makeover! Pop into a NetCost store this October to stock up on the essentials, and make this year the most frightening Halloween for all your friends and family!


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