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Happy and Healthy New Year

When it comes to health and happiness be at your best and feel the best.

Start a New Year on a bright note. Make your life matter. Set positive goals and achieve them, work on them throughout the year with a joy and loving attention. This year of 2018 put your mind into improving your precious health and happiness. Eat well, have physical activity, stay positive and take pleasure in doing all of the above.

Likely we have everything we need to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a well-nourished diet.  Allow yourself to live a life you want and desire. Turn a dieting dilemma into a passion project of your radiant health.

Keep it simple by focusing on just a few of your top health goals such as eating for health and energy, exercising for an ideal weight and blood circulation, thinking on the bright side for feeling absolutely great and marvelous.

Create your eating style simple and healing. 

The New Year to do list:

Have a well-balanced breakfast, a mix of protein with vegetables, complex carbs with vegetables and healthy fats.

People who eat regular breakfast maintain their desirable weight.

  • keep some boiled eggs in the refrigerator for quick and filling breakfasts. Combine eggs with greens and smoked salmon
  • combine whey protein powder, coconut water, banana, blueberries, a handful of Brazil nuts, a tsp. of bee pollen, a tbsp. of flax seeds, a handful of goji berries in a  blender for a delicious and perfectly made shake.
  • have a smoked salmon, spinach, cream cheese on a toasted bagel.
  • try an apple or grapes with cubes of your favorite cheese.

Eat a well-nourished lunch, a steamed fish or meat with lots of grilled or steamed vegetables. Eating salmon every day provides good looking skin and improves overall health.

  • eat more fiber, beans, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, etc.  Serve broccoli spears with dipping sauce and a well-done steak. Try a cup of raspberries for a snack.  Fiber promotes regularity.

The first novelty of the new year may be skipping dinner or replacing it with a light meal. Consider it, embrace it and enjoy improved digestion. Green salads, fruits, a glass of yogurt, sautéed vegetables, nuts, avocado, quinoa, vegetable soups will work well.

About 15-30 minutes of vigorous activity every day or even most days can normalize weight, improve heart health, tone the body, increase flexibility and relieve tension.  Any exercise that gets your heart beating faster and makes you perspire would do well. Drink plenty of water and your loved natural juices.

When the clock strikes unforgettable twelve, announcing the beginning of a New Year which will bring exceptional days, weeks and months to all of us. Take a moment of silence, have a glass of champagne, raise the glass, make a wish that warms your body and spirit and drink to it. Drink to Health and Happiness too.  Feel at ease and thoroughly relaxed. Why don’t we bring freshness and novelty to our lives, be positive and uplift each other starting from today? I raise my glass and drink to it.

Wishing you the best  New Year ever of your life filled with radiant health, enjoyable events and magical days to remember!!!

Leona S.

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