Ideas to Make the Perfect Picnic

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Have you ever planned the perfect picnic, but then found that all the food has become soggy and gross in your bag while you’re on the way to the perfect location? You’re not alone! Picnics are great, but opting for foods that are “picnic-friendly” is always a winner and can really make your picnic that perfect summer occasion! Today, we at NetCost Market have got some great picnic-friendly ideas that will ensure your outdoor lunch or dinner party is as good as can be!

Make the salad when you arrive

If you spend the morning making a lovely, picture-perfect salad, you’re going to be disappointed when you arrive at your great picnic destination to find that it’s turned into a soggy mush at the bottom of your bag. It’s best to take all the ingredients, a knife, and a cutting board with you and prepare it there and then to ensure that it’s fresh and crisp! Tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce tend to leak into the rest of the salad if you prepare them in advance. What’s more, you should always add the dressing just before serving so it has the best flavor and hasn’t soaked into the salad making it soggy!

Butter your bread

Different people have very different ideas about what makes the perfect sandwich. When it comes to picnics however, it’s a good idea to always use butter or vegetable spread on both pieces of bread. This stops the filling – whether it’s pastrami, rucola, and mustard, or cheese and tomato – from putting a dampener on your picnic by making the bread unbearably damp! The fat content in butter and spread essentially creates a waterproof barrier that keeps moisture from leaking out of the middle, so the bread is still nice and fresh when you sit down to eat!

Use a cooler

It’s summer, and it’s hot, so even if you’re only planning to go out for a drive and picnic, just a few hours in the heat can cause your salad leaves to wilt, your cheese and salami to sweat, and your fresh bread to go stale. It is, therefore, a good idea to use a cooler with some freeze blocks to keep everything nice and cool, and therefore fresh!

Make food portable

There’s lots of food we’d love to bring to a picnic, but it’s just not practical to try taking pre-made burgers and fries or chicken noodle soup to a picnic. It’s important to know which types of foods are best suited for the great outdoors. Fruits that have natural skin and aren’t likely to get squashed like apples, oranges, and kiwis are always good, and if you’re making sandwiches, try using some crusty ciabatta as it keeps its shape and texture well compared to standard white loaves.

Don’t forget dessert

It’s always a good idea to bring something sweet to aid digestion and help satisfy that sweet craving that comes after every meal. Of course, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to carry a whole cake or a tub of ice cream out into the great outdoors without it melting or being crushed – so think about some alternatives. Making up some pre-made dessert jars that include layers of fresh yogurt, preserves, honey, and crumbled cookies are a brilliant idea because they stay fresh in a cool bag and won’t cause any mess when heading to your destination!

Whether you’re driving out to a remote location or looking going for an outdoor expedition across some wild terrain, it’s a good idea to pack smart for your picnic. By following these ideas, you can make your picnic easy and tasty, ensuring you won’t be disappointed when you finally sit down to eat! At NetCost Market, we offer great quality food at brilliant prices, so it’s the perfect place to get some picnic idea inspiration. Head down to your local NetCost Market to see what we can offer you!