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The Importance of a Healthy and Nutritious Breakfast

As vacation season comes to a close, many of us are dreading the resumption of our usual daily routine. Getting back into a pattern can be extremely difficult, which is when the holiday blues really start to kick in. We all have to start somewhere, and in our opinion the best way to ease yourself back into a routine and get yourself feeling ready to roll is to ensure that you start your mornings with a healthy, nutritious breakfast. It may seem small and insignificant but if you get breakfast right you’ll be energized and ready to tackle the day ahead! So, if you don’t already and you’re not convinced, here is how and why you should eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast every day.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” is a phrase we have become overly familiar with, however this may in fact be more true than we first believed. Overnight is the longest time your body goes without food, and so when you wake your blood sugar levels are usually low. Introducing slow release carbohydrates such as whole grain wheats or rolled oats will refuel your body for a longer period of time. Our range of wholemeal breads and cereals are the perfect choice when you’re looking to avoid those mid-morning sugar slumps caused by sugary breakfast cereals. Better still, studies have shown that people who eat a breakfast with more slow release carbohydrates tend to concentrate better for longer, so you can concentrate on the job at hand, keeping your mind off those woeful holiday blues!

Another important factor you should incorporate into your breakfast is protein. Many people forget, or do not realise that high protein foods are important for getting your day started. They regulate the release of carbohydrates into your blood, continue cell repair throughout the day and keep you feeling full all the way to lunch. The great news is that many protein rich foods are often the tastiest! Bacon, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt or nuts are all excellent sources. With a huge range of dairy, cured and fresh meats, and fruit and nuts, Netcost Market provides you with all the choice you could need to discover your perfect high protein breakfast!

The final key element to a healthy breakfast is vitamins. After a long night’s sleep it is important for the body to top up on key vitamins such as vitamin C, Vitamin D and Iron. These give your immune system a boost, help synthesise energy, and improve cognitive abilities such as concentration and multi-tasking. Whilst you can take these as supplements, we think it’s far more pleasant to just add some blueberries to your natural yoghurt! Or to get creative with a breakfast smoothie! Why not try some fresh banana, strawberries and honey, blitzed together with a healthy spoonful of yogurt? These are simple and tasty ways to enjoy adding key vitamins into your diet. Not only will having fun in the kitchen keep your mind from missing the beach but it will keep your body strong, your energy levels up, and will have you feeling great for the arrival of the next holiday season!

So there you have it. By incorporating the right nutrition into your breakfast, you can stifle those holiday blues, have your brain in top work mode, and ensure that you are back into your daily routine in no time!

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