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January Diet – How to Get Yourself Back on Track After The Holiday Season

If you indulged yourself in all the great treats over the holiday period, it can be pretty hard getting back on track to a healthy lifestyle. This is because foods high in sugar, fat, and salt have short-term addictive properties that make your body crave them once they’re gone. Here are some tricks and tips that we at NetCost Market have thought of to help your body adapt more quickly to once again eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Fill your cabinets

Fresh fruit and vegetables don’t have a very long shelf life, meaning that once you’ve bought them it’s best to use them asap! This can often be annoying, but when you’re trying to get yourself back on track it can actually be an advantage as it will force you to eat them or lose out on the money you spent on them. Try taking a trip down to NetCost Market’s fresh fruit and vegetable section and stocking up on all the good stuff so that you’ll be forced to choose healthy at home!

Don’t try to lose weight!

Concentrating on losing weight will only lead to you starving yourself, increasing the likelihood of relapsing into eating an unbalanced diet! Your first step should be to get yourself enjoying healthy meals once again, making it part of your routine, and allowing your body to detox from all those high sugar, fat, and salt foods you’ve gorged on over the holiday period! Once you’re in control, you can begin thinking about regulating the amount you’re ingesting per meal.

Take the time to cook!

Cooking was once seen as a chore, but studies by psychologists suggest that if you take your time cooking healthy, balanced meals, you’re much more likely to enjoy eating them and this is also a great way to reduce stress. Set aside an hour or so per day for a few nights of the week to cook large, healthy meals for the whole family. This way, you’ll find yourself wanting to eat healthily and the whole process won’t take much effort at all!

Don’t let it get you down

If you find yourself hitting setbacks like overindulging when you don’t think you should, don’t let it get you down! Worrying about your relapse will just cause you unnecessary stress, which is likely to lead to stress eating and an inevitable downward spiral. Instead, just wipe the slate clean and keep calm and carry on. You’ll do yourself more damage by beating yourself up and trying to compensate for the slip up rather than just carrying on as if it didn’t happen!

If you’re struggling to get things on track after the holiday period, try these simple yet effective tips to get yourself back to where you want to be! Although your body may resist at first, after a short period of time you’ll find yourself back on the healthy bandwagon without even thinking about it! NetCost Market is a great place to start your new healthy eating regime as we stock a plethora of healthy fruits, vegetables, and lean meats! So, why not head down and get your January diet turned around now?!

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