NetCost Market Stores Are Open and Are Being Resupplied Daily

Dear NetCost Market Customers:

Please be aware that all NetCost Market stores are open. We are continuously stocking our shelves. We are receiving daily shipments of food and products to continue to serve our communities. Until further notice, our store hours remain unchanged. We are monitoring our local, state and national authorities on the evolution of the ongoing crisis. We remain vigilant and hyper-focused on the safety and well-being of our customers and our team members.

We urge you to remain calm yet attentive to your own health and safety and to those within our communities who may need assistance during this time. Please follow all of the guidelines and suggestions of the authorities. We wish you all lasting health and well-being.

And here’s a wonderful message from one of our loyal customers that we are really grateful for! We take pride in serving our community up to the highest standard during these difficult times!

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