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Russian Weeks

Russia is a huge country – 5,562 miles wide to be exact! So, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to Russian cuisine. The country is so vast and has so many different cultures and traditions that there’s certainly something for everyone. From the 5th to 18th January, we’ll be holding our Russian week’s specials here at NetCost Market as part of our weekly specials. It’s a chance for you to discover something new if you’ve never had Russian cuisine before, or indulge in some of your favorites if you’re already acquainted with the culinary delights of this amazing country. Here are just some of our favorites!

Cured fish

Russia is heaven for fish fans — especially freshwater fish fans! Due to the Russian Orthodox fast days when meat is forbidden, Russians have become expert preparers of fish. It’s often preserved by either pickling, smoking, or salting, if not eaten fresh. Right now at NetCost Market, we’ve got a Russian favorite — hot smoked sturgeon! This meaty fish is known for caviar but it also has a rich, meaty flavor that is enjoyed across the country.


If you haven’t tried pelmeni, then it’s time you pulled yourself together and got out and tried them! Pelmeni is small individually wrapped dumplings stuffed with ground pork, lamb, or beef. They originate in the east of Russia but are now popular all over due to their truly wholesome flavor. Pelmeni would have originally been prepared and then frozen in the snow for winter as a way of preserving the meat before being steamed or boiled. At NetCost Market, we’re currently stocking delicious Siberian pelmeni, but luckily for you, there’s no need to keep them in the snow outside! They’ll do perfectly well in your fridge or freezer.


Bubliki is a ringed bread that’s made using a wheat dough which is boiled in water before it’s baked. It’s similar to a bagel, but usually, it has a thicker crust and stronger flavor. You’ll often find them tied up with string at local bakeries in Russia. They go perfectly well with Russian cheese or cured meats and make the perfect lunchtime snack.


This spicy and sour soup is a Russia favorite. Although it may seem a little strange, it’s actually really tasty and is the perfect thing to keep you warm through the winter months. The main ingredients are meat or fish, pickled cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage, olives, and dill — but there is a whole host of different ingredients that could be used depending on the region. At NetCost Market, we’ll be offering Solyanka as part of our Russian weeks!

Russian food comes in all shapes, sizes, flavors, and colors — it’s no surprise with a country so huge! It’s, therefore, a great idea to celebrate this wonderfully diverse culinary land by heading down to your local NetCost Market between the 5th and 18th of January! We’ll be offering free tastings on Saturdays at select locations, so check out our website to see what you can taste when you head down to your local store. Make sure you don’t miss out on the upcoming Russian weeks weekly specials!

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