St. Patrick’s Day at NetCost Market – Incredible Selection of Beer!

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday which means there’s no real excuse for not having a true Irish knees up! St. Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland, and the day celebrates the arrival of Christianity to the Island in the year 432! While many still celebrate the festival for religious reasons, it has also become a great occasion for those that want an Irish party with great beer and whiskey. Here at NetCost Market we stock an eclectic array of beers from around the world, so you can celebrate this year’s St. Patrick’s Day in style!


Guinness is the world’s most famous Irish beer and it’s, in fact, a Stout, which is a traditional dark beer made using roasted malt or barley. Guinness has been brewed in Ireland since 1776! Making it one of the oldest breweries in the country and giving it the reputation as one that has perfected a unique and loved recipe. Guinness goes well for all occasions, and can even be very refreshing when served cold on a hot day, but it probably goes best with a traditional Irish stew or pie! At NetCost Market we stock both the Extra Stout and Draught varieties.


For those that prefer something a little lighter in color and taste, Staropramen may be the answer. The Czechs are known for making some of the best lagers in the world, and Staropramen is up there with the best! Brewed since 1869, the brewery is built on an old spring (which is what Staropramen actually means!), with some of the purest water in the region, giving it a clear, crisp flavor. Traditional lagers should be drunk cold, so make sure you allow enough time for your beers to get nice and chilled in the fridge before drinking!

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is one of America’s favorite beers. It is based on a recipe that mimics Belgian white beer and has an alcohol volume of 5.4%. However, the flavor is smooth and tangy, and the brewers say a slice of Orange in the glass helps accentuate the flavors of the beer, so ensure you get some oranges in to guarantee you maximize the flavor of this one!


Leffe is one of the oldest brewed beers in the world, starting at the abbey of Leffe in 1152! As with most Belgian beers, it has a high alcohol content, with the Blond variety containing 6.6% alcohol. It has a crisp refreshing taste and is best served in a traditional Belgian chalice, but if you don’t have one, a simple beer glass will do just fine. Slowly pouring the beer allows it to mix with oxygen in the air and brings out the flavors of the hops. Try enjoying at 5-6 degrees centigrade, which is the temperature the makers recommend!

St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner so it’s about time you thought about how you’d like to celebrate this year. Whether you’re having a party, a few friends over, or simply just a quiet night in with a few nice beers, NetCost Market have all bases covered! Visit any of our New York stores to find our full range of beers ready for this year’s festivities!

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