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Summer Picnic in the City

It is time to prepare yourself for Summer, also known as ultimate picnic season to us at NetCost Market. The sun is shining and the outdoors is calling so we have put together a helpful guide: How to Picnic Properly in the City.

Packing is Key

There is nothing like a disorganized cool box and hamper when it comes to ruining a much anticipated picnic. You turn up and your food has fallen out of boxes, your salad is soggy and just when you think things can’t get worse you remember the scent of that fresh artisan loaf… that’s sitting in your kitchen. Don’t rush the packing, yes it’s kind of boring but it’s vital to a successful picnic.

Give your cool box or hamper the once over and make sure it’s all in working condition before filling it up! Then comes the important part, putting the food in. Make sure as you stack your food that lids are on tight and food is wrapped properly. Keep condiments, salad dressings and fillings separate to ensure the food stays in the best condition for the picnic. There are just a couple more must haves in your perfect picnic and that’s hand wipes, because no one likes sticky fingers, and a big blanket!

Food for Thought

Firstly, food safety! Don’t be tempted to lay out your al fresco feast for the rest of the park to be jealous of… okay, maybe just for one Instagram snap. Try to keep all dairy, meat and fish based items out of the Sun and in your cool box. Nobody wants to be ill for the next few days!

Finger foods

Think finger foods, simplicity is key with picnics. Delicious freshly baked bread is a must have, followed by a couple of cheeses such as a mild emmental and a creamy goats cheese. Then select a high quality German salami or smoked sausage, and there you have a simple but tasty, build-your-own-sandwich station! Salads are synonymous with summer eating, throw together a simple Greek style salad with a base of spinach topped with the best feta and olives and a drizzle of some olive oil. Better yet, pop into your nearest NetCost Market and explore our homemade range. We create mouth-watering meals, soups and salads daily with the fresh produce we stock in store.

If you’ve had a time to plan your picnic then why not go all out and make foods such as pasta bowls, experiment with strawberry and balsamic vinegar for a great summer pasta choice. Or try a classic portable food, the quiche or even bake a few fruity homemade tarts!

The Perfect Spot

We know, and you do too, that finding the spot is a make or break factor for your perfect picnic. You might not believe it but in every city there is somewhere ideal if you look hard enough! So, what to look out for when hunting for this prize position you ask? Here are a few pointers to guide you:

  • Ditch designated picnic areas, a true picnic is floor and blanket based of course!
  • Squares often are home to hidden public greens, take a detour down some backstreets and keep your eyes open for the first signs of greenery.
  • Rivers, lakes and ponds are a great place to pitch up a picnic, enjoy the scenery and local wildlife. Why not indulge in a little water based activity after your feast, fishing anyone?
  • Head upwards! An impressive view can really add that something special to your picnic trip. Head to a high point such as a hill or rooftop on the edge of town and soak up the sights your city has to offer.
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