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Taste of Spring

When spring comes, it is the best time to nourish and cleanse your body, burn fat, and fast.

The quickest way to regain health and vitality is to feed your body with balanced nutrition, cleanse your body periodically, and exercise regularly. We all need to lighten up our diets after the winter and create a menu for staying healthy and beautiful. Now is the perfect time to eat a little cleaner and greener. Make a fresh start easy for yourself by eating all the food you enjoy. 


One week menu plan for a gentle cleanse

Here are some suggestions for meals and snacks


First breakfast (7 a.m.): Green juice. Recipe: 6 small leaves of kale, 2 leaves of collard greens, 1/2 cucumber, 2 stalks of celery, 1/2 inch of ginger, 1/2 green apple. Drink green tea and plenty of water throughout the day – a total of 8 glasses at least.  One glass with 1/2  a lemon squeezed into it.


Second breakfast (10 a.m.): Protein and healthy fats of your choice. Eggs, goat cheese, avocado, smoked fish, and nuts are all great options. One bowl cooked whole grains – specifically millet, brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, and buckwheat. 


Lunch: Green salad or a large serving of steamed vegetables, use a variety, including roots, stems and greens – potatoes, yams, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beets, asparagus, kale, chard, and cabbage. Cabbage helps reduce body fat. Chew well. Use healthy oils, spices and herbs for flavor. Combine with a handful of nuts or seeds, an avocado, or a serving of smoked salmon, fish, quinoa, or lean, organic meat. Salmon is high in healthy oils which are crucial to a healthy immune system. Enjoy the benefits of eating tasty fish. I try to eat salmon every day. Fruit of your choice. One piece fresh fruit, such as pear, banana, and citrus.  Pineapple burns fat and tones the stomach. 


Afternoon snack: Nuts, seeds, avocado mashed with herbs and spices, a small salad or green juice.


Dinner: (finish by 6 p.m.) Same as lunch.


A gentle cleanse can be accomplished with herbs by drinking a cleansing tea, by eliminating sugar, alcohol, processed foods, white flour from your diet and by eating light, nutritious meals for one week’s time. This can assist the body, particularly the liver, in eliminating toxins from the body and replenishing and rejuvenating your blood. It is one of the fastest ways to increase elimination of wastes and enhance the healing processes of the body. 

You can cleanse your body safely and effectively using benefits from a juicing program. Juicing is an excellent way to supplement desired nutrients. Begin drinking freshly squeezed vegetable and citrus juices on a regular basis.  Each vegetable has a specific power to heal a particular organ. For instance, beets and dandelion help heal the liver. Be sure to use small amounts, because it has strong cleansing effects on the liver. Citrus fruits support the liver cleansing process as well. Most important is also to cleanse your mind from negative thoughts. Stay focus on the positive. Aspire to perform your daily tasks in the most positive way.

The body does an amazing job of detoxifying itself. Even a short fast between dinner and breakfast the next day causes the body to go into repair mode. This season of new beginnings is the perfect time to rejuvenate your body. You can create radiate health in as little as a month and maintain it all year long. Reach your absolute best in terms of your improved health and happiness.  Push your reset button, and start again but this time make it right. Put yourself first. You deserve to live an extraordinary life. Say “Yes” to health and beauty.

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