The True Pearl of the Sea

Caviar is synonymous with luxury. Since the Greek banquets of the fourth century, this delicacy of the sea has been devoured by the good and gracious that have an appetite for opulence. What is it about those delicate pearls of the sea that has its audience hooked? Well it’s everything. From that pearly appearance to the gentle pop in the mouth that releases the flavours of the sea across your taste buds, the entire experience is one that grabs you from the very first time.

Perhaps you’ve tasted the delights of caviar… perhaps you haven’t ever tried, too overwhelmed by the range of choice that’s out there. There’s no need to profess to be an expert in caviar, you can place your trust in our knowledgeable buyers at Net Cost Market and know that you will always be purchasing a superior quality of caviar, and for a price that you’ll find just as agreeable!

Variety of caviar types

There is a vast range of caviar across our stores. Take a step inside and you will find yourself in awe of our extensive selection which includes red caviar, black caviar, Beluga caviar, and Russian caviar, just a few to get your mouth watering! We pride ourselves on offering premium brands, Peter Pan being just one of them. Peter Pan caviar is available in both premium and premium plus classifications, both are a perfect offering of high quality, with a price tag that won’t break the bank.

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy this delicacy but if you’re feeling true to the purist ways, go straight from the spoon. Otherwise enjoy this delight of the sea in numerous ways from breakfast to dinner, teamed with fresh, smoked salmon and crème fraiche or sat on slice of some airy, artisan bread. The possibilities are endless, but there’s always one addition that is welcome with caviar, and that is a chilled bottle of some fine champagne!

cold black caviar

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