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Traditional European Winter Dishes

There are parts of Europe that get cold… like, really cold! And so it’s no surprise that over thousands of years they’ve mastered how to make very comforting and hearty winter dishes. Here at NetCost Market, we thought that we should scope out some of these ideal winter meals so that you can have a go at making them yourself to keep the winter chills away, the European way.

Georgia: Khachapuri Adjaruli

Parts of Georgia get very cold in the winter, but their trick is to keep themselves warm with lots of cheese, eggs, and bread in this highly indulgent baked treat. Khachapuri Adjaruli is a bread baked with a molten cheese center that bubbles away as it’s taken out of the oven. The baker then cracks an egg or two on top and adds a huge piece of butter before serving. The idea is to then swirl the egg, butter, and cheese all together into a big cheesy, buttery mass, which acts as a dip for torn-off pieces of the bread. It may be high-calorie, but it’s worth it once in a while for the total pleasure this dish provides on a cold winter’s night!

Russia: Solyanka

In Russia, they like to keep warm with a hearty Russian stew called Solyanka. Solyanka comes in three main types: meat, fish, and mushroom – but they all contain pickled cucumbers in brine, cabbage, potatoes, sour cream, and dill. The meat that is used varies, but often it includes cured meats and sausages, pork, or beef. The slow-cooked broth is best when homemade, and it contains valuable vitamins and minerals that boost the immune system in the winter months while also warming the body up from the inside out!

Germany: German Cheese and Beer Soup

You’re probably thinking, “really? Cheese and beer soup?”  But yes, this really is a common soup served in Germany, and you may also be surprised to hear that it’s totally awesome! It combines all of the things that Germany is known for making – mild cheese, great beer, and strong ham, and fixes them into a warming bowl of goodness that fills you right up and keeps you warm for hours afterward! It’s a typical soup served during Octoberfest, and with a tankard of a traditional German pilsner, it will feel like you’re in the foothills of the Alps sheltering from the cold in a traditional German log cabin!

For Europeans, winter dishes have been an important part of their culture in the battle against the cold for thousands of years. This means that they’re seasoned pros at making you feel warm and comforted when winter wraps its cold grip around you, so we think it’s a great idea to trust their wisdom and try some European winter dishes when you’re looking for inspiration! At NetCost Market, we offer some of the best quality European foods. So, next time you’re craving something warm and comforting, why not take advice from the Germans, Russians or Georgians in getting yourself nice and snug!

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